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HFYFC Junior Forum Meeting

HFYFC Junior Forum got together on Monday where hot on the agenda was their event of the year - Junior Field Day.  One of the main roles of the forum is to organise and decide what competitions the Junior age range of members in the County would like - this year's suggestions so far include a 'pit stop challenge', and their own version of The Cube.  If any Juniors that aren't on the Forum have any themes or thoughts that you would like put forward, remember to suggest them to your Club representatives, so that we can put together a schedule next time we meet.

The Forum also noted the day was St Patrick's Day, and in honour - came up with a few thoughts on 'The Luck of YFC'; what qualities YFC gives members that will bid you well in the future.

Juniors - remember your voices and opinions are as valuable to us as a County as a Senior's are - if you have any questions and thoughts, please tell us!

Jess Wright - Junior Forum Facilitator


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